Home disinfection from virus

Disinfecting your home of the coronavirus

There is still much that we have yet to understand about this novel coronavirus that’s been spreading havoc on a global scale. However, the one thing we know is that the primary mode of transmission is through water droplets. The moment t...

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Preparing some delicious risotto

Keeping yourself busy in the midst of a pandemic

There was a time when making a difference in this world meant going out and doing relevant stuff. But when this COVID-19 pandemic descended upon us, making a difference in this world now means staying home and preventing the spread of this ...

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Computer History Museum

Silicon Valley destinations for tech enthusiasts

Silicon Valley is synonymous with technology. With growing startups and tech-based institutions found all over town, it’s really no surprise that this region is considered a tech lover’s paradise. Explore Silicon Valley and the companies...

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Pulgas Water Temple

Most photogenic places in Silicon Valley

When you think of Silicon Valley, your mind goes directly to computers, startups, and tech enthusiasts destinations. But you may be surprised to find out that in this thriving tech hub, there are natural and architectural marvels that are simpl...

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Planning savings money

How to Save Up For a Second Home

Purchasing a second home is a huge financial investment that requires a large amount of capital. When you’re looking to buy a second home, you will already have some experience of the fees that go into it. Additionally, there are maintena...

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House placed on coins

Things You Should Know About Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate can be highly lucrative, but there are many things to keep in mind. It is common for beginners to rush in due to misinformation or impatience, which is why it is well worth doing your research before getting involve...

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Street Sign for bikers

Take a Museum Tour in Los Altos, CA

Los Altos is a fantastic location in the North of Silicon Valley that has many must-see attractions. In particular, it has a range of standout museums that are always worth visiting. The best way to experience the culture of Los Altos is by...

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