Why now is a good time to sell your home in Silicon Valley

Are you thinking of selling your Silicon Valley home? You might be thinking of putting your plan on the wayside for mean time, given the current events. However, we believe it’s a great move to take advantage of the situation and sell your home in Silicon Valley. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait.

  1. Silicon Valley is still a prime market for moderately priced properties.

    Although data indicates that luxury properties in Silicon Valley are cooling down, the city’s real estate market remains a hotbed for moderately priced and great quality homes.

    Median home prices in Silicon Valley are slightly above what people are most used to when it comes to metropolitan markets, but that doesn’t stop home buyers to invest in Silicon Valley real estate. According to, mid-range properties for sale in Silicon Valley received plenty of offers, with some even beyond the asking price, in mid-2016.

  2. There are no signs of a slowdown when it comes to Silicon Valley’s mid-range market.

    We can look at the current housing supplies Silicon Valley has. The community remains a top choice for home buyers, but housing inventory is limited. This has created a huge demand for mid-range properties in the area, which keeps the local real estate market robust.

    Since 2007, Silicon Valley has experienced a shortage in housing supplies. Although thousands of jobs were created in the past ten years, the city has struggled to keep up with the demand for housing. As a result, there is plenty of competition among home buyers to find and purchase great, mid-priced housing in Silicon Valley.

    This just goes to show that although Silicon Valley’s technology industry is experiencing a slowdown in investments, the market for mid-range properties in the city is hot, creating plenty of opportunities for home sellers in the area.

Grab the opportunity and sell your Silicon Valley home

It’s unclear whether the mid-range housing market in Silicon Valley will rise up to meet the high demands of home buyers in the area. This is why we think it can be a great opportunity for you to decide to sell your Silicon Valley home any time soon.

Make sure it’s the best time to sell

Before you sell your Silicon Valley home, take time to sit down with a real estate professional to discuss your plan. Examine the current situation of your local market and assess whether it really is the best time for you to list your home in the market for sale. Look at the homes for sale in your area to make sure your property isn’t as similar compared to the houses already listed in the market.

Explore your real estate opportunities in Silicon Valley today

Find out more about the Silicon Valley real estate market in general, or request for more information about a specific real estate market in the area by getting in touch with us today at 650-489-6251 and look for David Chung or Sunny Kim. It’ll be our pleasure to help you sell your home in Silicon Valley.