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Best Schools in the Bay Area & Silicon Valley

As the world’s hub for technological development, Silicon Valley is home to highly educated professionals. Many of them move to the area with their families, which often include school-age children. When looking for a community to settle in, one of the features they seek is access to high-quality schools.

Silicon Valley lives up to that requisite. Many of the schools that serve the various communities in the area have been highly rated. In fact, the quality of schools in Silicon Valley is one of its biggest draws, which is often reflected in the investment values of home purchases.

Public Schools

Silicon Valley includes the towns and cities of three counties–Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda. These communities are served by around 70 different school districts, each typically overseeing either elementary/middle schools or high schools. According to, here are some of the top-rated public schools and school districts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please check with the school districts for school placements based on addresses. To see more information on school and district rankings, check out these links, and

Private Schools

Silicon Valley is also home to prestigious private schools that are well-regarded in their respective communities. According to, here are some of the top-rated private schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

*Ranking by of San Francisco Bay Area districts and schools.
**Market data is the change in median prices of single-family-homes between January 2020-2022.

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