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Your guide to Silicon Valley craft beer-tasting tours

The tradition of drinking beer with friends may have been around for several generations already, but our appreciation for this rich and robust liquid has never diminished. The passion for beer certainly remains strong in Silicon Valley where an event celebrating this brew has been drawing in beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike since 2012. But you don’t have to wait for Silicon Valley Beer Week to go on your own craft beer-tasting tour.

Whether you’re just starting out on your beer journey or looking to expand your beer palette, consider adding these craft beer establishments to your next bar hop:

Camino Brewing
718 S 1st St., San Jose

Founders Nathan Poulos and Allen Korenstein believe that life is all about the journey. After biking 1,900 miles in 15 days, they came back inspired by their experiences in the Camino de Santiago. It was here where they connected with people from all walks of life with a beer on one hand and the other extended in an act of friendship. This camaraderie and community are what they seek to cultivate in San Jose, especially in Camino Brewing.

Clandestine Brewing
980 S. 1st St., Ste. B, San Jose

Despite lacking the funds for marketing and advertisements, Clandestine Brewing developed their following by way of social media and word of mouth. Soon enough, their reputation for making fine brews began to spread so the owners decided that “clandestine” would make a cool name.

This California nano-brewery hosts regular events like painting for a cause, pub trivia nights, and comedy-battle nights.

Golden State Brewery
1252 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara

Golden State Brewery was designed with the local community in mind. They intentionally designed their taproom to be placed right at the center of the brewery so that customers can have unobstructed views of its operations. Owner and head brewer Seth Hendrickson leads his team with the philosophy to “make great beer, have fun, and care about their community.”

Try a taste of what they have to offer on a cool slab of wood and their crafts in smaller glasses. They’re also pet-friendly and even encourage visitors to bring along their dogs for photos that will be displayed on their GSB Dog Wall.

Santa Clara Valley Brewing
101 E. Alma Ave., San Jose

SCV Brewing is proud of its mostly agricultural background before it turned into the Silicon Valley that we know today. As a way of paying tribute to the old farmland community, they create beers using nothing but the highest quality produce. Proprietors Tom Clark and Steve Donohue know beer with a passion and deliver what they love most about the brews via eight of their beers on tap. They also hold regular community events here, including music and comedy nights.

Strike Brewing Company
2099 S 10th St., San Jose

In 2011, Jenny Lewis and Drew Ehrlich teamed up to create the best and freshest beer — with a baseball theme! Since then, they’ve won awards for their unique crafts, even collaborating on brews with fellow brewers in the San Jose area. They host trivia nights, vegan socials, and pet adoption events. You can also enjoy beer-friendly food from their weekly food truck lineup.

The culture in craft beer brewing is only one of the many things that bring the community together in Silicon Valley. Reach out to us, David Chung and Sunny Kim, at 650.489.6251 or message us via davidandsunny(at)compass(dotted)com and discover more about the area. Who knows, this could be the venue of your next home!

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