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Virtual attractions for you and your kids during the pandemic

Family with little kids spend time together

These are not the best times for going out on family trips, especially with this coronavirus still wreaking havoc on a worldwide scale. Luckily, the World Wide Web has provided a means for bringing the family to places they’ve never been to before or places they’d like to visit again. No need to pay for tickets or to make plans for the road trip yet. All you need is a computer or laptop, a decent internet connection, the whole family huddled in front of it, and you’re all set to go!

Here are some of our recommended virtual attractions in California and beyond:

The sea lions of Pier 39
San Francisco, CA

Californians in the San Francisco area are treated to the scene of beautiful sea lions basking along the coastline on a day-to-day basis. These beautiful marine mammals congregated in Pier 39 Marina after the 1989 San Francisco hit, then turned it into their new habitat. Protected by The Marine Mammal Center, they are constantly visited by both tourists and locals alike. Now, you can see them 24/7 via webcam here.

From penguins to coral reefs
San Francisco, CA

You and your kids will be treated to amazing videos of marine biodiversity as you lounge comfortably at home, thanks to the California Academy of Sciences. The learning center has a series of webcams set up in various locations from their own facility to the depths of Philippine waters. Some of the videos have specific viewing times while others can be streamed all day, every day. Check out the selection here.

Yosemite Country awaits
Madera County, CA

Go full-on nature mode with this virtual tour of Yosemite National Park! Madera County – California’s gateway to the splendor of Yosemite – even has a teaser for those wanting to visit the area soon. In its website, you’ll find a Welcoming Committee Activity Kit for the kids containing stuff from coloring pages to a downloadable storybook. How’s that for taking your virtual nature trip to the next level?

Soar high with the Museum of Flight
Seattle, WA

The museum has been temporarily closed as a safety precaution but this situation hasn’t stopped it from providing astounding exhibits of various aircraft that have soared our skies and beyond. This Seattle-based museum has come up with The Museum of Flight at Home – probably the next best thing to going there yourself. They have several 360-degree virtual tours that allow you to explore the interiors of several aircraft from the commercial Boeings to Air Force One.

Visit the Louvre for free? Oui!
Paris, France

You could be a fan of the Dan Brown books or you’re fond of all things French. Whatever your passion is, you can now have a slice of France – and bring the kids along with you – by going on virtual tours of one of the country’s most famous landmarks, the Louvre Museum. Not only do you get to expose your children to arts and culture, but you can also do it for free!

Virtual tours are your portals to places in the world that you would want to explore once this pandemic is over. For now, you can enjoy these tours from the safety of your home.

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