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The outdoors as design elements for your indoors

A cozy interior of a house

Interior designers aren’t only concerned with the interior of a home. We don’t forget about the outside world! The ability to bring the outside in is an essential aspect of interior design. From the sidewalk to the door, we want to extend the warm welcome. Your relation to nature would be more seamless if you lived in a warmer environment. Wide windows are a must if you live in a colder climate, but perhaps for revealing the snowy vistas instead.

Curling up in a cozy reading nook, wool socks on, and a good book in hand all made cozier by the framed icy scenery. Humans are naturally drawn to the outdoors. The atmosphere, earth, water, and other natural elements renew, relax, and unite us with the planet.

How do we get these elements from outside into our home? Bringing plants into our living room is the most obvious way. If you have guests or tenants, these are the best way to make your home more out-doorsy.

Natural fibers, textures, and patterns can be used

Wicker, rattan, hemp, and jute are all-natural materials. Choose these fabrics for your furniture to create a relaxing oasis. Baskets, rugs, and even lampshades can carry the world into your relaxing room in terms of decor.

Use colors that are influenced by nature

Greens are associated with the soil, grass, and plants. Blues, like water and the sky, are energizing. Yellows, like the sun and new flowers, invoke a feeling of freshness. Whites, tans, and beige are neutral tones that make your interiors feel natural and clean. Use these hues on your walls, window treatments, bedding, and other furniture.

Opt for natural flooring rather than man-made flooring

Wood, cork, and bamboo are all wet, natural, and inviting underfoot. Your body will react to the organic elements of natural flooring rather than the cold man-made materials if you choose these flooring options for your home.

Incorporate natural elements into your decor

Rocks, seashells, beach sand jars, wood, and straw are just a few examples of elements you can use to bring the outdoors into your home. If you don’t have the real thing, try using photos and murals of these elements.

Allow natural light to enter

Natural light is completely free and makes people feel great! Lighter fabrics and/or sheers may be used instead of thick drapery. Let natural light into your home on a regular basis to see how it transforms your environment.

Make sure all of your windows have a beautiful view. If overgrown bushes or garbage dumpsters are blocking your view, get rid of them! Enjoy views of landscaping, pools, or your kids playing in the yard to get the outside in.

Use fruits and vegetables to decorate. Using food to decorate is the new interior design trend. For a visual and aromatic outdoor inspiration, use lemons, limes, and mint!

Looking at the environment outside your home is the secret to getting the outdoors in. Allow the scenery outside your window to inspire your color scheme. To add visual complexity and dimension, use natural textures like wood and stone. The smooth, structured industrial metals are offset by these textures, which provide a lovely, organic contrast.

Of course, adding a fresh bouquet of flowers and a live plant or two to your design never hurts! If you want to buy or sell your home with these elements in Palo Alto, don’t hesitate to contact 650.489.6251 or davidandsunny(at)compass(dotted)com!

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