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Customized Concierge Services for Sellers

Selling your home is often an emotional journey. Through it all, it’s important to always keep your focus on what needs to be done so you can achieve your goals. Every client is important to us and every home is special and unique. We do not believe in incorporating the same marketing model for every listing. We provide customized concierge services for our sellers to match each one’s goals and objectives. Examples of such services for sellers include managing and overseeing all aspects of home preparation:

  • interviewing and selecting appropriate contractors/vendors
  • selection of paint colors and materials
  • construction consultation
  • architectural drawing consultation
  • meeting with inspectors and negotiating terms of the reports
  • coordinating and managing contractors, vendors, handyman, inspectors, landscapers, designers, movers, etc.

We also have a strong network of other professionals (attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, lenders, title officers, 1031 exchange specialists) who will be available to assist our sellers as needed.


Almost always, homes will sell at the highest possible price if the house is prepared strategically with the right guidance from us. We are your “House Whisperers.” We have the expertise, network, knowledge and experience to accentuate the best assets your home has to offer to make it a truly unique home compared to all the others. Home preparation is a very stressful task. We often take on the task of managing the home preparation process in order to obtain our common goal – getting the highest possible price. As much as it is important to prepare the house it is equally important for us to ensure that our sellers do not over-spend or over-develop to maximize their return on investment. Based upon each seller’s budget, we can provide a customized action plan for our sellers so that at the end our sellers get the highest possible price AND also highest “net.”


Our main value to our sellers is marketing and negotiation. We provide customized multi-channel marketing plans and programs based on your needs and circumstances. We are online marketing specialists and we incorporate innovative and cutting-edge online marketing tools. Customized to the unique style of your home, we will expose your home through the most influential mediums reaching the greatest number of qualified buyers wherever they may be in the world. We are also certified negotiation experts and we have a proven track record to show how we have successfully negotiated the highest possible price for each and every one of our sellers. Please schedule a meeting with us today and we would love to share our marketing and negotiation strategies with you.

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