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Make sure your home office has these 6 essential items

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Working from home is probably the one blessing that has come out of this pandemic. Many businesses have come up with this option to keep their employees productive and at the same time, safe from the COVID-19 threat.

There is one minor disadvantage, though – distractions. These may come from your family members, the internet, or even household chores. Thus, when you plan for your workspace at home, make sure that the items you bring here can mitigate the distractions that home life may bring.

Here are the essential items you will need to set up a home office that will assure productivity and effectiveness in your work:

Your computer or laptop

Most, if not all, corporate employees need this tool for the following tasks:

* Research
* Creating documents and reports
* Reaching out and communicating with colleagues and clients remotely

Your desktop/laptop should be well-equipped and constantly updated with the software you need for your profession. It is also the portal to your office, which is why you will also need this next item to bridge the gap.

A decent internet connection

Go for high-speed internet access; otherwise, you’ll end up doing other non-work-related stuff while waiting for a web page to load.

A desk

If you have the luxury of space, go for a desk that will be big enough to allow for the tools of your trade to fit, alongside some little trinkets like cute paperweights or a small indoor plant and your coffee mug. It should also be compact enough to give you enough elbow room to move around in.

But for those with limited space, any flat surface at home can be your desk (the kitchen island, dining table, and coffee table are popular choices), for as long as it serves your purpose to get things done.

A chair

The ideal chair for a home office should be ergonomically correct. Make it too uncomfortable and you won’t be inclined to stay seated for long periods of time. On the other hand, make it too comfortable and you might end up sleeping in it rather than working on it.

Good lighting

This is a vital component of every home office, whether you have a dedicated space or not. If you can set up your home office or workspace by a window to catch some natural light, then that would be a perfect area for maximum productivity. If you don’t have that option, the next best thing would be to have study lamps or other task lighting sources to illuminate your area.

Décor? It depends

Adding décor is a nice touch to personalize your dedicated home office. You can either replicate whatever décor you have in your office cubicle or go the extra mile and place anything from paintings to your toy car collection. You don’t have strict office protocols to follow this time so you can spruce up your space as you see fit.

However, if you’re either just making use of any table at home for your workspace or you have limited space in your home office, then you have to put a rein on your decorating spree. Have a few choice items to serve as your décor. Limit your clutter to give way to better concentration.

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