Home Inspector

The importance of a home inspection

“Do I really need to get a home inspection?” This is one of the questions our buyer clients often ask us. While it’s not, strictly speaking, a requirement, we have found over the years that a home inspection is an important step that ...

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cocktail at night club

Check out 5 of the best bars in Silicon Valley

Bars are an integral part of any community’s nightlife and this is especially true in Silicon Valley with its lively, young high-tech crowd and innovative, fast-changing culture. Here are the top 5 bars to go to when you find yourself in ...

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Microsoft Silicon Valley

Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus Makeover

Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus has been part of Mountain View’s landscape for 37 years – and it’s getting an upgrade. Renovations began late 2017 and are scheduled to be completed by 2019. With its Redmond, WA headquarters als...

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Stanford Shopping Center

The 3 Best Communities to Live in Silicon Valley

When someone talks about Silicon Valley, the image that comes to mind is technology and those who walk its bleeding edge. It’s a place where innovation lives and breathes within a unique collection of towns, communities, and neighborhoods...

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Best Places to Visit in Palo Alto

The seat of Stanford University, Palo Alto is home to many major tech companies -- and that’s not all. It also has a lively downtown, plenty of open spaces, and a growing art scene. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to go f...

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Young couple doing apartment repair together themselves

Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Home Value

Improving your home certainly goes a long way towards boosting its value. An updated home is not only comfortable and great to look at, upgrades also make it easier for you to market and sell it when the time comes. There are many differ...

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Moving house

Helpful Tips on Moving to Your Dream Home

Once you’ve bagged the home of your dreams, it’s finally time to move. Moving to a new home can be a stressful process because it involves a lot of planning, packing, and unpacking. But with these helpful moving tips, you’ll be settle...

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Choosing the best luxury real estate agent

Whether you’re buying or selling a luxury home, having the best real estate agent by your side definitely makes the process easier. The best real estate agent should have a number of important qualities that can help you buy or sell y...

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