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Safety nets to observe as lockdowns ease

Safety nets to observe as lockdowns ease

The recent spike in the number of cases in California as of July 14 has driven Gov. Gavin Newsom to bring back restrictions and re-enforce shelter-in-place orders for a majority of its residents.

While it is still uncertain when restrictions will be eased again, it is best to know the recommended safety protocols to be observed, not just to protect yourself and your loved ones but also to ensure that your county keeps its COVID-19-related cases down.

Essential reminders

Science has proven time and again that the following measures are effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases:

Wherever you are outdoors and while in the midst of a group of people, the above-mentioned measures should be your mantra.

Moving around outdoors and in transport

The three safest options to take when going out are walking, biking, or driving your own car. If you have to take a train or a bus, make sure you have your face mask on.

In riding public transport, you will be on a vehicle with several other people and touching surfaces like handrails or seats. Once you’re done with your commute, make sure to disinfect your hands with sanitizer or alcohol.

Riding a taxi or similar options like Lyft or Uber is also considered risky, even if it’s only you and the face mask-wearing driver in the car. Consider the other people who previously rode the vehicle who may or may not have the virus.


Social distancing is the key to safe shopping. Even if retail outlets are now putting limits to the number of people inside and getting their temperatures checked before letting them in, it’s still no assurance that everyone currently (or previously) inside is COVID-free. Thus, it’s best to maintain distance from other people as you navigate the aisles and line up at the cashier. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer!


The safest way to enjoy your food would be to call or order online for delivery or at least, go for curb pickup. But if the dine-in option is available in your area, note that most, if not all, restaurants have placed transparent barriers, stickers, and ribbons on their tables to keep diners safe and distanced from each other while savoring their food. Only when your food has been served will you be able to take off your face mask. Put it back on when you’re done with your meal.

At work

For those reporting to their offices while this health crisis is ongoing, note that the two most risky areas are the elevator and the bathroom. Both are enclosed spaces and are used by several people at a time. If your office is just two or three floors up, might as well use the stairs. And if you can avoid touching the elevator buttons with your bare hands, then do so.

As for the bathroom, the most ideal time to use it is when no one else is in it. You are most likely to wash your hands here so once you’re done washing, don’t use the hand dryer. Use paper towels to wipe your hands instead. Paper towels can also be used to turn the doorknob as you go out.

Let’s hope for better times as we all cope with this coronavirus threat together. We’re here to keep your real estate goals alive. Call us, David & Sunny, at 650.489.6251. You can also email us at davidandsunny(at)compass(dotted)com.

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