Top Silicon Valley Companies to Work for this Year

Silicon Valley made its name resting on the backs of solid tech companies, and today, the job opportunities in the city attracts a steady throng of professional and highly skilled individuals. If you’ve got the necessary chops, here are some of the companies you might want to work for this year.

  1. Facebook

    Glassdoor, a company that supports job seekers, recently named Facebook as the best tech company to work for this 2017 in its annual list. The result was based on reviews from employees from November 2015 to October 2016.

    Facebook is not entirely new to the list– it has outperformed other tech companies a few times already. So what makes Facebook such a great company to work for? Aside from fostering strong relationships with its employees, Facebook is heralded as an inclusive company with a diverse workforce. In addition, the culture, perks, and employee lifestyle Facebook offers is unparalleled in the industry.

  2. Google

    Another company to work for this year in Silicon Valley is Google. It has long made waves in the job-hunting sphere– you’ve probably seen a couple of pictures of some of its offices. In addition to outstanding company culture and opportunities, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded people capable of making decisions based on the data available.

  3. Linkedin

    Linkedin brought a space for professionals to interact within the employment sphere, but the company is also known for being one of the top tech companies you should work for this year. Linked, over the year, has helped many professionals connect with other professionals and opened up thousands of career and business opportunities, so it comes as no surprise that the company itself is invested in their employees’ professional development.

    One reviewer in Glassdoor wrote, “[Linkedin is] very proactive at making sure that you’re in a role that you want to be in. Their benefits are fantastic.” If you want career and personal growth, consider Linkedin.

  4. Salesforce

    A cloud computing company based in San Francisco, Salesforce is a major tool in sales and task management. It has proven itself to be indispensable, and the company makes its workforce feel the same as well. One reviewer from Glassdoor noted that the company culture is amazing.

    “My coworkers are smart, motivated, and talented. We have fun! And, the culture is not one of the 60-90 hour work weeks. People here are more mature,” the review read. It is true that your co-workers can greatly affect the overall working experience, so it’s good news that Salesforce employs well-rounded and capable individuals.

  5. Intuit

    Most people know Intuit as the go-to source of financial, accounting, and tax preparation software, but Intuit is also known as one of the tech companies you should seriously consider to work for this year.

    It’s mostly the atmosphere that makes the company such a great place to thrive– Intuit encourages it employees, whatever their position is, to innovate. That way, employees get to think outside the box and learn from their experiences. In addition, you’ll also learn a thing or two from the workforce, as Intuit hires some of the brightest people in the tech industry. Talk about achieving career growth and personal growth and getting inspired at the same time.

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