Stephen & Cheen

David and Sunny helped us selling our house and buying a new one in Los Altos. In preparation for the sale of our home, they guided us through the entire process, starting from preparing the repair list, recommending & finding contractors, staging and presenting the house. They have good intuition as to what buyers want and they also possess architectural and artistic sense on how to present the house for the market to get as many buyers to the house. They are expert negotiators and they made sure that we got the highest possible price for our house. We appreciate the team’s help a lot in the escrow process as it became stressful when the buyer kept delaying the closing. But David and Sunny were always on top of the situation, informed us of the progress, and gave expert’s advice. Plus they are good at drafting good, concise and explicit contracts/legal documents. So we will definitely recommend the team to our friends and family. David and Sunny also helped us buying our new house. Again, they have deep knowledge in the market, house construction, remodeling and costs associated therewith. They were able to guide us through which neighborhood worked for us as we were very particular about what we wanted in our next house. Once again, they helped us through the whole purchase process and got us our dream home at the best possible price. We are very happy with our purchase.