Bill & Trudi Melohn

David and Sunny have a very solid process for listing homes. They have some creative selling techniques that work very well, alongside the traditional approach. They were always available to answer questions, including in the middle of the night. They politely “rode” us, if they needed information:-)

We opted to take advantage of their off-market strategy. We held a broker’s open house prior to listing on the MLS. The hope was to gain insight on how much work would be needed to get the best price when it went on the market. We were, fortunately, in a very hot market, and were able to sell the house within days of our open house. Thanks to Sunny and David, we were able to move to our new home months sooner that would have been possible, if we’d taken the traditional approach. While these guys are not discount brokers – you’ll pay the full commission – they’re worth it if you want a seamless and error-free transaction.