Los Altos – Community with a Palo Alto appeal and homes at an affordable price. The city is a Palo Alto real estate “spillover community,”. Many families often choose to live in Los Altos.
Los Altos Hills — An affluent community alongside beautiful natural landscapes. Avid outdoorsy types feel right at home in Los Altos Hills. Walking is the preferred mode of exercise and recreation in Los Altos Hills.
Menlo Park — Mecca of Venture Capital and the Birthplace of Google. Located in the Silicon Valley adjacent to Stanford University, Menlo Park is known as the birth place of Google.
Mountain View — Mountain View is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most interesting communities, boasting an excellent downtown area, award winning schools and unique residential areas.
Palo Alto — Home to Stanford University and the epicenter of Silicon Valley. Palo Alto located in the Silicon Valley, is home to Stanford University, and many graduates have chosen to make Palo Alto, CA their home.