CB Home Dev

Since I first met Sunny and David for the sale of my townhouse in 2012, I’ve been working with them for five other flip projects. Throughout the buying and selling those projects, their team accomplished the goal in every aspect. As a flipper, I have to find a hidden jewel. David, himself is an experienced developer, so he help me to find a house with great potentials that not many average agents can see. With his experience, he participated in the designing of the house in active manner, we could create the best designs. Sunny with her attorney background, reviewed the pros and cons of the inspection reports, disclosures, and contract in a through way, so I didn’t miss any critical point bearing risk in doing this type of business. When sell, we as a team broke the highest possible sales record in each neighborhood. They prepared disclosure packages in a professional way. I have to say perfectionists!!. This process prevented potential disputes after the sale. Sunny was extremely detail oriented in this sense, and it gave me a huge relief. I’m very happy to work with them so far, and will be continued to work for future transactions