Famous Tech Companies You Can Visit in Silicon Valley

Bikes at Googleplex

Google headquarters in Mountain View, California

Silicon Valley is known as the home of some of the world’s biggest and most iconic tech giants. These billion-dollar companies, more often than not, have stylish, innovative headquarters.

While tourists and non-employees are restricted from entering company buildings, visitors are more than welcome to hang out in their open spaces. Here are the famous tech companies you can visit in Silicon Valley:

  1. Google
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,
    Mountain View, California

    Home to the number one search engine in the world, the “Googleplex” is a 3,200-hectare facility filled with interactive areas both inside and outside the campus buildings. Wander around the huge campus grounds and watch out for the colorful life-size Android figures on Android Park. Various statues and art pieces such as the Google dinosaur and a bust of Lloyd Bridges are also scattered around the campus. And just around the corner, you can buy Google-themed items from the Google Merchandise store.

  2. Apple
    10600 North Tantau Avenue,
    Cupertino, California

    One of the leading hardware and software companies in the world has created a campus just for tourists and Apple enthusiasts. Dubbed the Apple Park Visitor Center, this innovatively designed building boasts glass walls, wooden furniture, and a sleek interior. You can check out the whole collection of Apple products on the ground floor and order a fresh cup of coffee from the in-house café. After, head to the roof terrace overlooking Apple Park, the current corporate headquarters.

  3. Facebook
    1 Hacker Way,
    Menlo Park, California

    Located in Menlo Park, the 430,000-square foot Facebook headquarters is made up of a large row of buildings along California State Route 84. The world’s largest social media platform currently does not allow visitors to enter the main campus, although they are permitted to take photos by the large Facebook icon at the entrance.

  4. eBay
    2145 Hamilton Avenue,
    San Jose, California

    Located in San Jose,eBay’s headquarters are known for their interactive displays, touchscreen walls, and numerous multipurpose rooms. While visitors aren’t allowed inside the eBay buildings, you can still pose for photos by the large eBay logo at the entrance. You can also purchase eBay products such as caps, t-shirts, and mugs.

  5. Intel
    2200 Mission College Boulevard,
    Santa Clara, California

    You don’t want to miss visitingIntel’s headquarters. The world-famous company that manufactures microprocessors has a visitor-friendly area called the Intel Museum. At the 10,000-square-foot Intel Museum, you can get a first-hand view of how the company manufactures their silicon chips. You can also take home souvenirs of Intel pens, shirts, and toys from the museum’s gift shop.

If you’d like to learn more about tech history in general, then you’ll want to check out the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and the Tech Museum in San Jose.

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