Palo Alto Orchards, Palo Alto


A mother and her daughters sell Girl Scout cookies to their neighbors, walking door-to-door through several cul-de-sac streets that make up Palo Alto Orchards. This is the second generation the neighborhood has seen grow up and most of the cookie-cutter tract houses that were built after World War II have been remodeled to contemporary aesthetics.


CHILDCARE AND PRESCHOOLS: Palo Alto Montessori School, 575 Arastradero Road; Young Life Christian Pre-School, 687 Arastradero Road

FIRE STATION: No. 5, 600 Arastradero Road

LIBRARY: Mitchell Park branch, 4050 Middlefield Road (temporary location during construction)

LOCATION: includes McKellar Lane, Suzanne Court, Suzanne Drive, Kelly Way, Lorabelle Court and Arastradero Road


PARKS: Juana Briones Park, 609 Maybell Ave.; Terman Park, 655 Arastradero Road

POST OFFICE: Cambridge, 265 Cambridge Ave.

PRIVATE SCHOOL: Bowman International School, 4000 Terman Road

PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Juana Briones Elementary School, Terman Middle School, Gunn High School

SHOPPING: El Camino Real, San Antonio Shopping Center

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