Old Palo Alto, Palo Alto


Gamble Garden, a 2.5-acre public oasis featuring diverse demonstration and formal gardens, educational programs and grand historic buildings, lies at the heart of the Old Palo Alto neighborhood.

A crown jewel of the city, the garden, residents say, is representative of the things they love about their neighborhood as a whole: beautiful architecture, lush, well-tended greenery and a friendly atmosphere.

Old Palo Alto, which stretches from Alma Street to Middlefield Road and between Embarcadero Road and the Oregon Expressway, is one of the city’s wealthiest and most desirable, popular with such local celebrity Steves as footballer Steve Young and Apple honcho Steve Jobs.


CHILDCARE AND PRESCHOOLS (NEARBY): Neighborhood Infant-Toddler Center, 311 N. California Ave.; Walter Hays Kids’ Club, 1525 Middlefield Road

FIRE STATION: No. 3, 799 Embarcadero Road

LIBRARY: Main Library, 1213 Newell Road

LOCATION: between Embarcadero Road and Oregon Expressway, Alma Street and Middlefield Road

NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: Old Palo Alto Neighborhood Association (OPANA), Nadia Naik, nadianaik@gmail.com

PARKS: Bowden Park, Alma Street and California Avenue; Bowling Green Park, 474 Embarcadero Road; Kellogg Park, next to Bowling Green Park

POST OFFICE: Cambridge, 265 Cambridge Ave.

PRIVATE SCHOOL: Castilleja School, 1310 Bryant St.

PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Addison or Walter Hays elementary schools, Jordan Middle School, Palo Alto High School

SHOPPING: Town & Country Village; Midtown

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