Seller Testimonials

CB Home Dev

Since I first met Sunny and David for the sale of my townhouse in 2012, I’ve been working with them for five other flip projects. Throughout the buying and selling those projects, their team accomplished the goal in every aspect. As a flipper, I have to find a hidden jewel. David, himself is an experienced developer, so he help me to find a house with great potentials that not many average agents can see. With his experience, he participated in the designing of the house in active manner, we could create the best designs. Sunny with her attorney background, reviewed the pros and cons of the inspection reports, disclosures, and contract in a through way, so I didn’t miss any critical point bearing risk in doing this type of business. When sell, we as a team broke the highest possible sales record in each neighborhood. They prepared disclosure packages in a professional way. I have to say perfectionists!!. This process prevented potential disputes after the sale. Sunny was extremely detail oriented in this sense, and it gave me a huge relief. I’m very happy to work with them so far, and will be continued to work for future transactions

Greg D

David & Sunny were absolutely amazing to work with. They did a fabulous job helping us get multiple offers, negotiate a premium price and quickly sell our property. David and Sunny were always available to work around our schedule and meet at later hours or weekends, and more importantly they were always prepared for every situation. They are filled with useful knowledge and their work ethic is top-notch. David and Sunny had great recommendations all through the process and I always felt we were in good hands. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. If you are looking for a real estate agent, call them now!

Richard & Emily

David & Sunny are just awesome! We have done 3 transactions with them in two years. They went above and beyond every single time. When we put our Palo Alto house on the market, we were very disappointed that we only got a contingent offer on our offer day. However, David & Sunny kept working on their magic by calling every single interested agents/buyers they know. In a few days, they got us multiple offers and we were able to negotiate the highest possible price and broke the record in our community. Most importantly David & Sunny genuinely care about their clients. They were always available for us (even on their vacation). She genuinely cares about her clients. She even called us when she was in Korea on vacation because I was having some small issues with the contractor. If you need a real estate agent, call David & Sunny. You won’t regret.

Mike & Gina

David and Sunny are amazing. They listened to our situation, understood our needs, and then suggested a very thoughtful approach to selling our house, with a first attempt to sell off-market. They gave us excellent tips on how to prep the house and held an off-market tour. We thought we would be lucky to get a couple of offers, but through their awesome marketing skills, they brought 4 offers to the table. David and Sunny were very thorough on what to expect and were very detailed about the process. Let’s just say that they exceeded our expectations, and helped us to sell our house at top dollar and set the bar for the entire community! Not only that, but we also got free rent back, which was an amazing situation to have with kids looking for a new home. Thank you David & Sunny!

Heidi H.

Sunny and David and their team took care of all aspects of our sale, from coordinating and managing the renovations to staying on top of all of the tiny details. They kept everything organized and moving on a fast timeline and were still always available for questions. Give them a call!

Bill & Trudi M

David and Sunny have a very solid process for listing homes. They have some creative selling techniques that work very well, alongside the traditional approach. They were always available to answer questions, including in the middle of the night. They politely “rode” us, if they needed information:-) We opted to take advantage of their off-market strategy. We held a broker’s open house prior to listing on the MLS. The hope was to gain insight on how much work would be needed to get the best price when it went on the market. We were, fortunately, in a very hot market, and were able to sell the house within days of our open house. Thanks to Sunny and David, we were able to move to our new home months sooner that would have been possible, if we’d taken the traditional approach. While these guys are not discount brokers – you’ll pay the full commission – they’re worth it if you want a seamless and error-free transaction.

Brian & Yuan W

“Sunny and David” is an exceptional team of real estate agents. They helped us sell our house with 16 bids and way over what we thought we would get. They are extremely organized and efficient and have this down to a science. They literally have a team that they call on and deploy to make your house a super hot ticket. A fun experience. They also helped us buy a house during peak season in a hot market: San Carlos. We were able to buy a house we loved within a month even though the inventory was limited. They have a system for buying houses too. If you are in the market to sell or buy a house, you should definitely give these two a try. You will see that not all real estate agents are the same and Sunny and David are definitely the best of The Best.

Eunice & CY

David and Sunny helped me selling my townhouse. I started to review yelp to find perfect team. I had interviewed three teams from different sources. The first team made consistent efforts in our community to send the information of seminars and market report. The second team was the realtor who sold my neighbor’s house for the record high price. David and Sunny was the last team that I interviewed. Sunny and David showed the superiority of their marketing strategy backed by Alain Pinel Realtors. Not only they had the best marketing materials, the presentation of Sunny was the one of the best professionals. I believed the passion that I saw in the first meeting will lead me through the sales transaction successfully.

That decision was right. Right after sign the listing agent contract, they finished to do lists one by one in a blast speed of light. It took less than a week from the sign to list of my house to MLS. We finished all the inspections, repairs, and staging thanks to the networks that Sunny and David have. Our house was beautifully ready for the buyers. It would be a very frustrating week if David and Sunny were not there. We successfully finished the open houses and got multiple offers next week and most of all we broke the record high price of our neighborhood.

Dan Cho

David and Sunny helped us sell our house. They are very knowledgeable and attentive agents. They are also extremely detail oriented. They wrote up a detailed marketing plan of attack and executed seamlessly. We are very pleased with the result.

Stephen & Cheen

David and Sunny helped us selling our house and buying a new one in Los Altos. In preparation for the sale of our home, they guided us through the entire process, starting from preparing the repair list, recommending & finding contractors, staging and presenting the house. They have good intuition as to what buyers want and they also possess architectural and artistic sense on how to present the house for the market to get as many buyers to the house. They are expert negotiators and they made sure that we got the highest possible price for our house. We appreciate the team’s help a lot in the escrow process as it became stressful when the buyer kept delaying the closing. But David and Sunny were always on top of the situation, informed us of the progress, and gave expert’s advice. Plus they are good at drafting good, concise and explicit contracts/legal documents. So we will definitely recommend the team to our friends and family. David and Sunny also helped us buying our new house. Again, they have deep knowledge in the market, house construction, remodeling and costs associated therewith. They were able to guide us through which neighborhood worked for us as we were very particular about what we wanted in our next house. Once again, they helped us through the whole purchase process and got us our dream home at the best possible price. We are very happy with our purchase.