Buyer Testimonials

Lionel & Penelope

If you want to succeed in this competitive housing market as a buyer, you need every edge you could get. Sunny and David will give you that edge you desperate need! And here is why:  David &Sunny’s orientation will set you up properly in this market, giving you a taste of what to expect. If you are a first time home buyer, you will benefit from this. Even as I considered myself to be a diligent and savvy home buyer, I still find this orientation session very useful. The fact that she even HAVE a formal informative orientation tells me that Sunny is the kind of agent who is willing to go the extra miles.  When David and Sunny show up at our open house tour, I was surprised that they dressed very professionally comparing to other agents who accompanied other buyers. Your agents represent you, when the listing agent sees your agent dress/act professionally, they know that you mean business, and that helps negotiation down the road.   After each home tour, Sunny will ask for feedback from us to further narrow down our search. It’s better to focus your energy on a few targets rather than spread them over a wide range. David and Sunny helped us do exactly that and we were able to get the house we want after touring 4 houses only!! And the whole process is fun, smooth, satisfying and no stress at all. Speed and execution is everything in this market.
David and Sunny also stress the importance of team work. You could have the best agent in the world, and you still can’t get a house if you don’t play your part accordingly. That includes finding out what you really like and be committed. And most importantly trust Sunny and David!  Sunny’s diligence is unmatched, late at night, she walked me through all the disclosure documents one by one to make sure I understand them before I sign them. Why late at night? Because I took all the time to make my decision, and the next day is the deadline for submitting offer. She actually caught a few items that I did not notice myself.   Another big advantage David and Sunny will give you is that they will always personally deliver your offer to the office of the listing agent, they will even present the offer to the seller if the selling party allows it. Why is this a big advantage? I let you ponder on that yourself, I better not spell out too much of David and Sunny’s secret here. You have to talk to them and find out yourself and you will not regret it!  Their service didn’t end even after we closed on the house we really want. They continue to help me on finding architect for our major reconstruction, and had given me very valuable advice for the floor plan design. From their vast experience, they know what buyers look for in a home, so their input in our remodeling will help ensure we get the most resale value out from our reconstruction.  To be honest, this is the first time I write a yelp review, I never feel so strong about writing review for other good and services on yelp before. What does it matter if you could find a good restaurant or not, but this home buy thing matters a lot! And since I found Sunny and David on yelp, it’s only fair that I give back to the yelp community.

Aniket & Swapnali

Sunny and David are the BEST realtors out there and an awesome team.  We were looking to buy a second home; an investment property in the white hot Palo Alto market.  Sunny & David put in a lot of effort to really understand our financial objective, our preferences and our expectations from them. By the end of the first orientation weekend we trusted them completely.  Any realtor can pull up MLS listings but David & Sunny found us a gem of an OFF MARKET property that exactly fit our requirements.  Sunny pushed hard to ensure that we were the first to see the property ahead of anyone else.  David has such a good reputation in the realtor community that the sellers agent told us flat out that she wanted to do business with us because she had always wanted to work with David.  On the very same evening that we saw the place, we were advised to put in a precisely priced offer that was not high but at the same time compelling to the seller.  Here is the clincher….Sunny negotiated with the sellers agent to have them consider and accept the offer the very same evening….it took until 10:30 pm but the seller signed. Other agents came back later in the week with much stronger offers but by then, the place was ours 🙂   We got more than what we could have hoped for and that too within 10 days of starting the search.  We made zero compromises but paid less than our budget. We exceeded our investment objective. As if this wasn’t enough, another place in the same complex (same sq footage, similar upgrades) is now listed on the market for 25% higher than what we paid (within 4 months of us buying)!!  We would have been happy just with getting our offer accepted, but David & Sunny went way beyond. They walked through EVERY SINGLE document with us. David came home for the signing with the title company, provided plenty of advice during the final walk through and was engaged with us all the way till we got the keys. They even helped with getting quotes from contractors for changes we wanted done. These guys are ACE negotiators and consummate professionals and you need them on your side.  Did I mention that they treated us like royalty even though our budget was limited

Jean & Jason

Sunny and David helped us find our first home in a tough buying environment and really put in the effort to help us find the home that we would love. They took the time to understand our priorities in terms of preferences and constraints to streamline our search. Additionally, as first-time home buyers, they walked us through the entire process from initial bid down to escrow transactions. Sunny, with her legal background, was also a great resource for any questions we had regarding contractual terms. Ultimately our active search lasted less than a month thanks to Sunny’s and David’s quick actions as they helped us put a proposal together within 24 hours from first visit to bid presentation. They knew time was of the essence and did everything they could do put the bid package together in time to present it to the sellers. In particular, Sunny went to great lengths to re-arrange her schedule because it was so last minute. It was clear to us that they knew what it took to win in this competitive environment.  As first time home buyers in this tough market, we were expecting a much longer and more arduous process. We were very happy with how smooth Sunny and David made it for us and helped us to close quicker than we had expected. Overall we were impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and confidence every time we met with them. Furthermore, we felt like we were being helped by more than just professionals, but also by trustworthy friends throughout this whole process. They delivered results and their service was truly top notch. If we ever need to buy/sell a home in the future, we will definitely go to Sunny and David again!

Mandy & Savio

It is with gratitude that we write this letter of recommendation for our realtors David Chung and Sunny Kim of Alain Pinel Realtors. Buying a house is never a straight forward process, and ours is no exception. Throughout the entire process, David and Sunny have demonstrated high levels of professionalism and negotiation skills. Whenever we need to contact them for advice, they always returned phone calls and emails promptly. THey have worked very hard to resolve issues that came up during the closing process in a timely manner, and their deep knowledge in Real Estate was invaluable in helping us find a house that we love.

We highly recommend David and Sunny.

Mark & Stephanie

David and Sunny steered us to a house that initially didn’t fit our criteria, but I’m glad they did because we love it now. It was our first home buying experience so everything was overwhelming and quick but David and Sunny were very knowledgeable and walked us through the process smoothly. They went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks again!…

David & Annie

A friend of my wife’s referred us to David and Sunny. Initially, we were just going to interview them to get another reference because we had previously met with another South Bay/Peninsula ‘expert.’ It goes without saying that we are so happy that we took a meeting.

In a matter of 10 days, David and Sunny helped us navigate the very competitive South Bay market and get an offer accepted on a single family home in Cuesta Park (Mtn View). I should also mention we ended up writing 3 offers in the same time period. Their experience and expertise allowed us to pursue the right opportunities on our terms. In an environment where it seems as if you’re competing with parties that have an unlimited amount of resources, it is imperative to have professionals who can work effectively with your situation.

I should also mention that David and Sunny are more than closers. They also have a reputable network of service professionals to help you address the specific needs of your new home. Whether it be a handyman or a fumigation company (that’s right… termites), Sunny and David will refer you to responsible and cost conscious providers.

We will not hesitate to refer friends and family to David and Sunny. They embody all of the characteristics one needs to execute a successful real estate transaction.