How Silicon Valley is changing the future of cars

Silicon Valley has revolutionized the world during the latter part of the 20th century and is poised to continue its innovations for years to come. One major area where that revolution is occurring is with vehicles, many of which are startin...

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Silicon Valley’s GDP among the highest in the world

This 4.5-acre estate in Los Altos has every imaginable amenity, including putting greens and a vineyard. Listed at $16.9 million, it illustrates the level of wealth concentrated in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley will go down in history as a ...

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9 Tips to Buying a Home in 2019

Purchasing a home in 2019 can feel overwhelming, especially in areas with a concentration of giant industries. Housing prices rise and fall at a more palpable rate depending on how analysts see the future of these industries. As a buyer, how...

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Why millennials are moving to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has revolutionized the world in more ways than one. Today, it is one of the prime destinations for millennials hoping to make a name for themselves. The area offers ample opportunity for career growth, great weather year-round...

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How to sell your home for a higher price

Flipping your home for profit is an art. To learn it, you have to pay attention. Here is an overview of how you can sell your home for a higher price. Be honest with yourself First and foremost, it is essential to be as objective as you can a...

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5 of the best school districts in the Bay Area

How important is living near a good school to home buyers? Last year, a survey revealed that 78% of buyers would be willing to forego amenities like a garage, an updated kitchen, the number of bedrooms they wanted, and outdoor living space to...

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The talent behind a growing startup

Soaring Silicon Valley startups to watch out for

While new startup ecosystems are now being established in different parts of the globe, Silicon Valley is still firmly at the top of the tech industry, continuing to attract countless entrepreneurs year in, year out. Procuring the necessary...

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Latin american family at the ice cream parlor and kids enjoying their ice cream while sharing with their parents with a spoon

Family-friendly spots in Los Altos

If you’re looking forward to enjoying some quality time with the family, Los Altos is home to an assortment of fun family-friendly activities and destinations. Located south of Palo Alto, this suburban haven is filled with a variety of at...

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Silicon Valley's 5 hippest neighborhoods

Silicon Valley’s 5 Hippest Neighborhoods

Along the bay area of southern San Francisco lies Silicon Valley, Northern California’s high tech hub. Its location and collection of upscale neighborhoods, famous companies, trendy eateries, and historical landmarks make it one of San Fran...

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