Aniket & Swapnali

Sunny and David are the BEST realtors out there and an awesome team.  We were looking to buy a second home; an investment property in the white hot Palo Alto market.  Sunny & David put in a lot of effort to really understand our financial objective, our preferences and our expectations from them. By the end of the first orientation weekend we trusted them completely.  Any realtor can pull up MLS listings but David & Sunny found us a gem of an OFF MARKET property that exactly fit our requirements.  Sunny pushed hard to ensure that we were the first to see the property ahead of anyone else.  David has such a good reputation in the realtor community that the sellers agent told us flat out that she wanted to do business with us because she had always wanted to work with David.  On the very same evening that we saw the place, we were advised to put in a precisely priced offer that was not high but at the same time compelling to the seller.  Here is the clincher….Sunny negotiated with the sellers agent to have them consider and accept the offer the very same evening….it took until 10:30 pm but the seller signed. Other agents came back later in the week with much stronger offers but by then, the place was ours 🙂   We got more than what we could have hoped for and that too within 10 days of starting the search.  We made zero compromises but paid less than our budget. We exceeded our investment objective. As if this wasn’t enough, another place in the same complex (same sq footage, similar upgrades) is now listed on the market for 25% higher than what we paid (within 4 months of us buying)!!  We would have been happy just with getting our offer accepted, but David & Sunny went way beyond. They walked through EVERY SINGLE document with us. David came home for the signing with the title company, provided plenty of advice during the final walk through and was engaged with us all the way till we got the keys. They even helped with getting quotes from contractors for changes we wanted done. These guys are ACE negotiators and consummate professionals and you need them on your side.  Did I mention that they treated us like royalty even though our budget was limited