Brew great ideas in the top 5 coffee shops in Silicon Valley

Working inside a coffee shop

In Silicon Valley, coffee shops take on a whole new dimension and are one of the best places to create social connections. Every day, you will find venture capitalists and start-up entrepreneurs share ideas for the hottest new apps and discuss ambitious plans for the next great tech innovation over cups of freshly brewed coffee.

Join promising minds talk big business or find a nice place to get good coffee and work by visiting some of Silicon Valley’s top coffee stops. Here are some of the best:

  • Red Rock Café
    Located in a historic building, Red Rock is a local nonprofit that dedicates itself to coffee, culture, and the community. It’s where venture capitalists, tech entrepreneurs, and other local talents hang to work, exchange ideas, and enjoy coffee sourced from some of the best roasters in the US. Red Rock also hosts open mic events and regular entrepreneur meetings.
  • Coupa Café
    This family-owned Venezuelan coffee shop offers specialty blends made from authentic South American coffee sourced straight from the farmers there. There are also non-coffee drinks on the menu like chai lattes and hot chocolate spiced with pasilla chili. If you are hungry, you can also order delicious Venezuelan dishes like empanadas or arepas to go with your choice of drink.
  • Blue Bottle Coffee
    You might want to take inspiration from the rags-to-riches story of this coffee shop, where flavor and freshness are the top priority What began as a small kiosk in Hayes Valley has exploded into a network of cafes all over the Bay Area and even Japan. The location in Palo Alto sits alongside the co-working space, HahaHaus, making it easy to work once you have your cup of joe.
  • Philz Coffee
    Getting a table at Philz Coffee is a feat in itself because it seems to be always packed full of people. In fact, Philz Coffee is so iconic that even Facebook’s headquarters has one. The famous coffee shop has an eccentric but cozy and homey vibe thanks to the floor-to-ceiling murals, mismatched chairs, and lived-in sofas. Using a pour-over method, Philz Coffee’s brews are varied.
  • B2 Coffee
    Brewing since 2006, the locally owned Bellano Coffee is one of the most well-known cafes in Silicon Valley. B2 is its second location at San Jose’s San Pedro Square Market and is connected to the inner food court. Try their vanilla bean syrup or seasonal flavors like lavender. It is also strategically placed near a food court in case you are looking for a bite to eat.
  • Joanie’s Café
    This café is known for being a meeting ground for venture capitalists and start-up founders. People always rush to fill the seats, so lining up can take up to an hour. It is well worth the wait though, because they have delicious coffee and large tasty servings of breakfast and brunch.

Living in a community with great coffee shops makes for a highly productive atmosphere that enables you to get the most out of your day. If that is the kind of place you want to live in, then you will want to contact David Chung or Sunny Kim. Call them at 650-489-6251 or send them an email at info@david&

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