5 Projects to Keep Yourself Productive and Fulfilled While Spending More Time at Home

A father and daughter cleaning their house together

The pandemic has forced us to keep ourselves indoors and minimize the time we spend outdoors. Don’t let the current situation stop you from enjoying the things you love and being productive, despite being within the confines of your home. Here are six projects you can do to keep yourself happy and productive while spending more time at home.

Organize Your Stuff

Start by tidying up your messy closet and toss out the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Sort out items in your home and put them in their proper storage bins. If you have a pile of items that you’re not sure where to put, now’s the time to organize them and toss them out if you won’t use it. Store important documents in a single bag and throw away receipts and other paperwork that are just accumulating dust in your attic.

Deep-Clean Your Home

We usually focus on sweeping the floors, wiping down tables and countertops, and washing the dishes as daily cleaning tasks. Now that you have more time in your hands, make deep cleaning your home a project.

Some of the areas that are usually neglected are kitchen appliances, areas under and behind big furniture, and your mattress. Check your refrigerator for items that have been sitting there too long already. Dust off and wipe off corners that you don’t usually tackle or vacuum carpets and curtains.

Stay Active and Fit

Not being able to go to the gym isn’t an excuse to stop exercising altogether. Stay active by continuing your fitness routine at home. If you don’t have gym equipment at home, you can improvise by using common household items like weights or do workouts that only require body weights. You can also go outside to jog or ride your bike, just make sure to practice social distancing.

Spring Clean Your Files

Your gadgets need regular clean-up too, so go on and free up storage by deleting unnecessary files, emails, and apps. Sort out your files in folders for easier access. Back-up files in external or cloud storage so you don’t have to worry about losing your files in case something happens with your computer or mobile device. You can also clean up your social media and connect only with people you know and pages you regularly visit.

Bond With Your Loved Ones

Take this opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones and pets. Play board games with your kids, binge-watch episodes of your favorite show with your significant other or dedicate extra playtime with your dog. Do activities together so you can cope better with the changes this pandemic brings.

Make your extended time at home worthwhile by spending it wisely. Now, you can focus on different tasks you may have been delaying because you’re too busy at work or you’re always outside. David & Sunny is also available to attend to your real estate needs. For inquiries or other concerns, get in touch with us at 650.489.6251 or davidandsunny(at)compass(dotted)com.