3 Design Tips to Raise Your Home’s Value

two men remodeling a home

Many homeowners are concerned about what remodeling their house will do to its resale value. Even if you are not planning to move in the next few years, you will likely sell your home at some point due to downsizing, upsizing, or relocation.

If you are on the fence about what remodeling projects you should pursue this year, keep in mind that these 3 tips can help you increase your home’s value as well as make your home a more pleasant place to live.

  1. Custom Closets

    Storage space is always a major selling point, and it is easy to see why. Everyone has experienced a time when they felt that they just did not have enough storage space. Adding a walk-in closet with custom shelving to your master bedroom suite can be a great way to increase your home’s value while also increasing its livability.

  2. Focus on the Kitchen

    Any experienced real estate professional will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. If you are not sure where to start your remodeling projects, we suggest taking a long look at your kitchen.

    The kitchen is the heart of the home. The whole family will often congregate in and around the kitchen before mealtimes. Encourage this by adding seating with a breakfast bar attached to your kitchen island.

    If you are looking for a smaller project, new light fixtures can help to modernize the space without breaking the bank. Pair this with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware for your cabinets and your kitchen will begin to shine.

  3. Be More Green

    More and more buyers are looking for energy-efficient homes. Any improvements you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency will be a plus when it comes time to sell. Popular options include installing smart thermostats, replacing older light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs, and even installing solar panels.

    A smart thermostat can be installed in as little as 10 minutes and can help to decrease your heating and cooling costs. Light bulbs are another quick fix that will pay for itself in the short term.

    If you are looking for long term energy savings, solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular option. California’s sunny weather is ideally suited for using solar panels. While the initial cost is high, after a few years you will start to come out ahead on your long-term costs. Prospective buyers will also see this as a big selling point since they, too, will be able to reap the benefits of lower electric bills.

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